LASA’s Collection Department relies on GIS technology to accurately locate sewer assets in the field and to respond to PA1 Call requests. The GIS technology utilized in the Collection Department includes mobile maps and the use of GPS devices.

When new assets are dedicated to the LASA system they are located in the field and a GPS position is logged. This GPS position, which is accurate to less than 1 meter, is then used to correct the position of the asset in the LASA GIS database. LASA has currently identified about 98% of the total assets in the system utilizing this technology.

LASA’s Collection Department is then able to utilize mobile mapping and web-based GIS mapping solutions to quickly and efficiently respond to customer requests and PA1 Call requests. PA1 Call requests are generated by contractors before they begin construction that will involve sub-surface excavation. The purpose of the PA1 Call request is to have each utility accurately locate their assets to prevent damage to the utility and to ensure the safety of the contractor. LASA responds to approximately 650 PA1 Call requests each month.