Identify a LASA Employee

Please verify the identity of our employees who may need access to your home or property.

In general, everyone should exercise caution when someone they don’t know comes to the door asking for entry into their home or access onto their property. From time to time, there are individuals who impersonate utility workers or other service provider representatives in an attempt to gain entry or access for the wrong reason.

LASA is urging their customers to verify the identity of their employees who may need access to your home and/or property or are performing work in your neighborhood. LASA employees drive distinctively marked vehicles with municipal license plates, wear uniforms with LASA logos and employee name patches, and carry a LASA photo identification card. Our employees will be happy to show their LASA ID upon request.

Customers who have questions about the identity of our employees or the work being done in your area are asked to contact the main office at 717-299-4843, option 3. Anyone fearing for their safety, or to report suspicious activity, should always call 911.