Inquiry and Application Process for Connecting to the Sanitary Sewer System

Step 1: Sewer Service Request

A. Request for sewer service within the service area shall be made by completing an “Application for Sewer System Extension” form.

B. Payment of current application fee. (Charges & Fees)

C. Photocopy of the appropriate portion of a 2000 scale USGS topographic quadrangle map showing location of the requested sewer service.

D. The Authority will issue a letter stating if adequate capacity is available. Such letters do not constitute a reservation of capacity.

Step 2: Preliminary Plan Submissions

A. Preliminary Plan Submission for Sewer System extensions or additions shall be made after receipt of the letter from the Authority indicating adequate capacity. The plans shall be accompanied by the following:

  1. Two (2) sets of preliminary Sewer System Plans and specifications prepared in accordance with the requirements of the current Rules and Regulations
  2. Payment of the review escrow fee (Charges & Fees) based on the Authority’s capacity letter. The review escrow fee will be used for reimbursement of review cost.

Step 3: Final Approval

A. Refer to the Authority’s Rules and Regulations for complete list of requirements.

B. Refer to the Charges & Fees page for a complete listing.