Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Service

Unfortunately not. The only way you may pay using your credit card is by using LASA’s “Bill Pay” function on our website. and we only accept VISA or Mastercard at this time.

Sewer Issues

Chemicals can be purchased at many home supply stores to dissolve root infiltration. If the chemicals do not solve the problem, contact a plumber.

If you have sewer facilities in your basement and they haven’t been used, the water in the trap may have evaporated allowing the open pipe to become a vent to the sewer. Resolve this by running water through the facilities. If this does not resolve it, contact your plumber.

LASA only handles sanitary sewer. Rainwater runoff should flow into the storm sewer.
No, water infiltration in a basement must be pumped outside the house and not into the sewer line.
Know where your clean-out is on your property for quick access to clear blockages or stop backups. Also keep the clean-out pipe’s 6” above the ground for easy access.
If you experience a sewage blockage, check the clean-out pipe that is in your yard/driveway that is closest to the structure to see if it contains water in which there will probably be just a small amount in the trap. If it contains no water or just that small amount of water in the trap, then you will know the blockage is somewhere between the clean-out pipe and the house. If there is high water standing in the clean out pipe, the blockage is most likely in the line from the building to the main sewer line and if this is the case LASA should be notified.
The Wastewater Collection Department is not permitted to do any work on private property; therefore the homeowner or a plumber must resolve any problem between the right-of-way and the structure.
Cleaning of sanitary sewage should be done by a professional cleaning service if at all possible. If you choose to do it yourself wear protective gloves/boots, avoid contact with raw material, goggles are recommended, protect cuts/scrapes, and disinfect surfaces with a 1:10 solution of household bleach and water. When you are finished wash hands thoroughly before preparing food or eating and also wash and disinfect any clothing and supplies immediately after use.